Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Freelancer Review

Hi my name is Nik and today i am taking a look at my favorite game of all time:

Freelancer is the best space-combat game i have played. The story starts with the very mysterious destruction of the space station Freeport 7. You play as one of the few survivors, Trent, who has lost everything, his ship, his home, his money. The resque ship leaves you at the planet Manhattan (New York system) and you start looking for work. Not long after, all of the survivors start disappearing in very strange circumstances and you for some reason end up in New York's most wanted list, so you flee the system is search for much needed answers.

But the gameplay is the really impressive part - fast , fluid and divers. You have a large selections of guns that you can use - laser, particle, neutron and all sorts of energy weapons. Also at your disposal you have mines, torpedoes, missiles and more, for some extra damage. 
The systems and the things in them are also divers and unique. You have planets, space stations, asteroids, space debree, particle cloud and much more stuff witch make every system feel unique and interesting.

Graphically the game is nothing special from todays point of view, but its not terrible as many people think. Sure the faces are not as detailed as i would have liked and the lips syncing could be a little better. But non of that is too important, because the ships, the gun effects and the space bits in general look much better then the ground sections.

The problems i have with the game is that the enemy AI is kind of strange.When you are chasing them, they make no effort to shake you off, so they are too easy to kill. Sometimes they do some impossible maneuver and get behind you, without any effort. And sometimes, this is the most annoying of the three, even when you are in a party with four - five people, all of the enemies will attack just you for several seconds, witch is enough to take your shield down or even kill you, if you don't use repair bot or shield battery.

So to top it all off freelance is a game with very good story line, memorable characters and grate gameplay. The game has some miner problems with the AI, but they are not too big.

Gameplay video


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