Selasa, 19 November 2013

Grapple is nearly at beta!

The "Splash Screen" and all the level select screens are placed along the x axis next to each other and the camera snaps to each spot as you swipe or use the arrow buttons. The background is made the same way as the levels which saves space by not using any additional assets and it looks pretty sweet.

The level select screens, following design patterns for mobile level based games.

This is one of the first images listed on the Play page, it really shows the gameplay of grapple in one image.

But one image is too little so I put all these on the Play store page as well. The trail rendered behind the player makes it really clear how the player has been moving.

Recently did up a new menu to match the new cartoony style of the game and also saved some space using meshes with vertex colors to create this while the old one used textures. The carrot score bar has a pretty nice bounce animation as it fills which is coded in by scaling the carrots. I'll have to get a GIF of that.

Pretty soon Grapple will be entering Beta and I'll be looking for people with android phones to try out the beta release and new maps as they're made!

Primbon Jawa Grapple, Unity