Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Artist's Monolog...

Day 96
I can’t put my finger on the exact time that it happened, but did it ever happened to you that you start a discussion on top and before you know it, you hit rock bottom? Well, it happened to me… It is not clear when the discussions went from:

EMH: Please do my art
SE: Nope
EMH: Please?
SE: No
EMH: Please!
SE: Na
EMH: Please!?
SE: Noooo!
EMH: Please.
SE: No!
EMH: Please?
SE: Ok
EMH: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


SE: I worked all night on this one, what do you think?
EMH: Sloppy. It is one pixel short, odd size, eyebrow is wrong color and frankly a bit spooky.
SE: I’m sorry, let me try again…
SE: This one?
EMH: Eyes should be half way; hand is looking weird and who told you to add a hat?
SE: Sorry

I decided to see if the community could help me understand how things got to this point. To do that I’ll need to take you 3 months back to a sunny day somewhere in Australia.

Day 1
I always saw it as a compliment that many developers approached me about doing art for their games. However, after getting so many daily emails wanting art I just had to take a break and refuel. So I took my surfboard and went to the one place that I could find peace, the beach – or so I thought.

Primbon Jawa