Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Fallout New Vegas Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing the post-apocalyptic hit:

Fallout New Vegas is the newest game in the open world, RPG series Fallout.
The story develops four years after the last Fallout. Its not a sequel, but more like a parallel story, set in a different part of  post-apocalyptic USA. 
You start with bound hands and feet, looking at a guy in checker suit. He is holding the packages, you where suppose to deliver.After a short speech, he shoots you.
The robot that witnessed the shooting, brings you to Doctor Mitchell, who heals you. Then you create your character and go out seeking revenge.

New Vegas, just like previous Fallout games, is an open world, RPG. So, as you may expect, the game is not focused on the main story line. Its more about the side missions and exploration. In order to encourage that, the game has a lot things to find like caves, camps and scattered side quests. All of them make the world feel alive and  more dynamic, than it actually is.

The gameplay is much better than Fallout 3. All of the guns have some kick and feeling of power, which i never got from the series. The biggest change however, is the addition of iron sights. This makes the game closer to a traditional FPS and ultimately more satisfying to play. 

The things that annoyed me, where the armor and weapon DLC's. If you got them from the start, they screwed with the power progression system and basically made the game too easy. 
To top it all of Fallout New Vegas is a very good open world RPG, set in a beautiful and original  post-apocalyptic setting.

I hope you liked my review of  Fallout New Vegas.
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