Jumat, 16 Agustus 2013

Something different

So I've been quiet all summer and now I'm back. Through the summer I haven't been working on the voxel game but on a summer project for mobile. I think releasing games is an important experience for a game dev and I think that a smaller game is what I need to complete and release a finished stand alone game.

The game I've been working on is a remake of a prototype I developed months ago in flash and I decided to try again in Unity. It's a very satisfying gameplay prototype where the player controls a ball by swinging from ropes. It's not that unique an idea but it's an implementation I have yet to see, at least on mobile.

It involves a lot of lines
My implementation makes ropes bend and wrap around obstacles. I've been working for a while to make this element as smooth as possible and the result is a very natural feeling effect. Also I've written physics code to handle the ball hanging on a rope which makes the core gameplay possible.

Once the rope can bend you can swing in ways never possible before.

As well as making a prototype I moved further, started adding art assets and making playable levels and the project is in alpha stage.

The ball wraps around small obstacles quickly.
Although I enjoy the core programming above all it is very satisfying to see the game become more polished with the addition of functional menus and the things a real game needs.

So this is my first attempt at mobile games but it's an interesting platform. It's hard to find a gameplay element that is any fun but I feel like this is pretty fun. I guess I'll get a clearer picture once I move on to playtesting, but I feel I should have more levels ready before then.

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