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Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Neighbors From Hell 2 On Vacation Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Neighbors From Hell 2 is a comedy, strategy game, that takes the good parts from its predecessor, and improves upon them.

In this enhance simulator, you play Woody - the host of a TV show called "Neighbors From Hell ". His job is to ruin his neighbor's vacation, in the funniest way possible, without being caught.

The game takes place on a cruise, that goes threw multiple tourist destinations. This gives you, a lot of environments, to prank Mr. Rottweiler - the neighbor.

As far as gameplay goes, the game has some good ideas, that are executed really well. On every level, the neighbor has a some tourist routine, that almost never changes. And its your job to find a way to screw with his route.

To make that possible, every map has different objects, that can be used.
For example, on one for the levels the neighbor swings on a rope. So you must find a sharp knife, and cut the rope a bit. Next time Mr. Rottweiler swings on it, the rope will tear and he will fall. 

One of the most important things about Neighbors From Hell, is to do the tricks fast. That is required,  because every time the neighbor falls in to your traps, his rage increases. And the rage decreases, if he has time to  calm  down. If you want the best score, you need to fill up the rage meter. 

Some of the tricks have multiple steps, and you really have to think outside of the box, to make them. But the harder tricks, are by far the funniest.

Now i have to warn you, i had some problems running it on Windows 7, but it was ok after i patched it. Also i have no idea, how it runs on widescreen monitors, because i don't have one. 

To top it all of, Neighbors From Hell 2 On Vacation is a intereesting game, with a lot of replay value and some very funny moments.

I hope you liked my review of Neighbors From Hell 2 On Vacation .
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My name is Nik and i hope you are having a nice day.
Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

DLC Quest Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing

DLC Quest is a 8-bit style platform and is probably the funniest game i have ever played.

The story of this 8-bit masterpiece is really simple. You are good guy, of course, and you have to save the princess from the bad guy. So if played Mario, you know the very plot. But what you don't know is the answer to the simple question "What happens when DLC goes too far?".

Lest start from the beginning. What is DLC? DLC stands for Downloadable content and its usually designed in such a way, to make you play and get nothing in return.

And so DLC Quest mocks the idea of DLC, in a very satirical and funny way. The game's philosophy is "if you need it, its DLC", and you have to buy it with coins (not real money). 

And when i say "if you need it", i mean you will need it. You have to buy DLC's like the "Movement Pack", that features next gen control, like jumping and moving left. You also have to buy things like music and animation. As you probably guessed, this game does not take its self seriously at all.

Things that the game does really well are satire, cynicism and exaggeration. The writing for the game, is just very funny, both in the DLC descriptions and in the conversation with the NPC. All of it is worth reading.

The game is kind of short, you can complete it in about 20-30 minutes, but feels just right. If the game was longer, the jokes would have gotten repetitive. If it was shorter, its not worth the price of $2.

To top it all of, DLC Quest is a great platformer, with a very nice 8-bit aesthetic and some of the funniest writing, ever put in a video game.

I hope you liked my review of DLC Quest.
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My name is Nik and i hope you are having a nice day.
Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Rock of Ages Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Rock of Ages is one of the weirdest and funniest game i have ever seen. 
You start as Sisyphus, who is rolling his bolder up the hill for an eternity, just like the Greek myth goes. One day  Sisyphus is like "screw this, i am getting out of here", so he uses his bolder to brake the door of the underworld and escapes. After that you and your bolder go on a rocking journey through history, rolling over anyone that stands in your way.

The gameplay is abstract as hell. Your control Sisyphus's bolder and you must smash the opponent's gate, before he brakes your's. When you ram the bolder at the enemy's gate, you must wait, until a new bolder is constructed. In that time you build defenses, in order to slow down, or destroy the opponent's bolder. Simple idea, but very addicting and enjoyable.

The funniest thing about the game, is the journey through the age. On it you encounter a lot of historical figures, like  Aristotle, Louis XIV, Napoleon and many more. All of the cinematics are riddled with references from movies, games and popular stories.

To top it all of Rock of Ages is a rocking experience, with rock-solid gameplay, that will rock your world.

I hope you liked my review of Rock of Ages .
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 Have a nice day.