Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

And here it is...

Next to summer, soccer and relocation pains and aches here is one of the main reason for the lack of new tutorials lately:
Wild Surf - a mobile devices game that started as a 'quick one day job' and turned into a full blown game development and a lot of fun creating the art.

"You are a few taps away from your next dream vacation. It's an endless summer here in Paradise Island with year-round sun and great surf everyday. Grab your favorite surfboard and catch some waves. Just be sure to avoid the hungry sharks on your ride into surfing heaven.

It's the best fun you had on the beach without getting sand on your device. Collect shells as you surf to spend in Joe's shop on new surfers, boards and power ups. If you don't like shopping, why not try your luck in the Surf Arcade and try to win power up and bonuses? Just watch out for these nasty seagulls, they are always after your shells."

We hope you will enjoy the game, join us on Facebook for in game giveaways, secret codes and tips.

Game is available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/app/wild-surf/id521631290?mt=8
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eatingmyhat.wildsur.

Coming Soon to Amazon.

I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did doing the art for it.
Primbon Jawa

Artist Monolog IV

Day 34
Five weeks and he is still around… I figured that the only way out of it was to have a look at what he wanted me to do. I even tried to convince myself that for sure it wasn’t that bad and I could get away with some basic art suggestions (“use red”). Again, I was wrong, what I saw was something like that…


Day 35
I couldn’t sleep that night (he was under my windows all night asking “so how was it?”, “did you like it?”, “cool ha?”, “told you it is cool”, “call me?”, “I’m sure he liked it”).

Terrible as it was, something did click. I don’t know if it was the challenge, a mental breakdown or compassion for a lost soul (and hair) – but I decided to make a couple of images… and than a couple more, with a one or two additions; and a few hundred images later we finally had Wild Surf.


In order to satisfy the most likely request 'more babes on the beach' here's one of the ingame comics:

Primbon Jawa
Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today is a special DLC review:

After the release of Mass Effect 3, a lot of people where very disappointed, about the ending. So Bioware where forced to make a new one and it is called Extended Cut.
All of the changes are made are in the last mission. Before you get to the Citadel you may notice several new cinematics. They show parts of the space fighting, the ground battles, but more importantly they fill several gaps, that where in the original story.

However most of the changes come after, you get to the Catalyst, aka. the Ghost Child. This time you can talk more and get some new information. After you little chat - you have to chose one of four endings.
The cutscenes show pictures of the future, all of which depend on the choices you made previously. Also each ending is narrated by a different characters, who tells you more about the things to come.

To top it all off the new endings are much better and they fix the major plot holes. So if you liked the original endings, you will love this. And if you hated them, you will probably like the new once.

I hope you liked my review of Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut.
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  Have a nice day. 
Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

Plants vs. Zombies Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Plants vs. Zombies is a game game developed by Pop Cap. So its packed full of content, compelling, waist of time, like most of Pop Cap's titles.  
The story is very basic. The zombies are coming to eat your brain, so you defend your house ... with the best weapon known to man - plants. 

The gameplay is very unique and very addicting. Basically your yard is a five lanes zombie highway, if any zombie gets to your house, you lose. In order to prevent that, you plant different kinds of plants - some that kill zombies from a distance, some that slow them down. Every plant has a sun cost and you get sun from sunflowers. 
The game gets very strategical in the final levels, due to the very large selection of plants and the many zombie types. 

If you don't like the champing missions, you can play one of the many mini games, like "Whack a zombie", "Wall-nut bowling" and my favorite "Portal Combat".
All of this sounds grate, but the game has one very big problem from PC. there are not hot keys from the pants, so you must use only the mouse and that gets very chaotic, very fast.  

So to top it all off Plants vs. Zombies is a great game, if you just want listen to some music, or get some rest, or generally its one of the best games to waist your time.

 I hope you liked my review of Plants vs. Zombies.
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  Have a nice day.

PayPal Pains...

It was just a matter of time before it happened. I had a long conversation with my friends at deep blue apps (where I am illustrating a lot of the templates) and they had a whole avalanche of paypal disputes. Even my knocking on wood didn't help and today I had my first dispute on a BlockBuddies bundle - strange enough by a customer heavily shopping at deep blue apps as well (and disputing those purchases as well).

You don't get any information from paypal as to why the order has been disputed, so at first I thought ok... there is a kid shopping around with grandma's credit card. I was willing to just let it go and take the hit. After finding out there is a lot more purchases at deep blue apps I kind of changed my attitude.

It might be a sign of the times that everything is considered to be free and when you have a way to 'trick' someone out of his pay you should do so. The main flaw in this logic is the fact that things like this turn me off doing more art and tutorials. Why bother with something that makes me a little bit of pocket money (not talking about the fun I have doing it - but I would have that as well if I wouldn't publish them in this blog)? I might as well sit back and enjoy the summer, sun and pool.

Thanks to all who are supporting me and help me keep the faith in humanity and shame on those who think that it's ok to rip me off just because they can.

Sorry about this rant. I just had to let of some steam.  
Primbon Jawa
Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Shadow Era Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing a TCG:

Shadow Era is a free to play, browser based, trading card game, with a some unique ideas.
The rules are pretty simple, with some similarities to other TCG's. The terrain has several fields. The first is for your allies, the monsters you summon. The second is for support cards like spells and weapons and the third is for your Hero. The Hero is the most important card in your deck, because his race and class determines, which cards you can use.

Depending on the race, of the Hero, your allies will be either Human Allys or Shadow Allys. The class  determines what support cards you can use. But there are some cards, that can be used by anyone, regardless of his race and class.
The goal of the game, is to kill the enemy hero, using your arsenal of spells and army of allies. Those are the rules in a nut shell, there are a bit more complex, but this is a review, not a rule book.

There are two ways to get cards. The first is to buy booster packs, using crystals. You can get crystals by buying them with real money, or by leveling up you character. The second way is to buy individual cards, using gold. You get gold is by selling cards, or by winning matches.

This game, unfortunately, has some problems. The biggest one is the massive lag, you get when playing multiplayer. Fortunately this is not a FPS, so the only downside is longer matches and chat lag. Other problems include interface bugs and unbalanced cards, but they are too annoying.
To top it all of Shadow Era is a really good, free to play,  trading card game.  

 I hope you liked my review of Shadow Era .
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Have a nice day.
Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Rock of Ages Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Rock of Ages is one of the weirdest and funniest game i have ever seen. 
You start as Sisyphus, who is rolling his bolder up the hill for an eternity, just like the Greek myth goes. One day  Sisyphus is like "screw this, i am getting out of here", so he uses his bolder to brake the door of the underworld and escapes. After that you and your bolder go on a rocking journey through history, rolling over anyone that stands in your way.

The gameplay is abstract as hell. Your control Sisyphus's bolder and you must smash the opponent's gate, before he brakes your's. When you ram the bolder at the enemy's gate, you must wait, until a new bolder is constructed. In that time you build defenses, in order to slow down, or destroy the opponent's bolder. Simple idea, but very addicting and enjoyable.

The funniest thing about the game, is the journey through the age. On it you encounter a lot of historical figures, like  Aristotle, Louis XIV, Napoleon and many more. All of the cinematics are riddled with references from movies, games and popular stories.

To top it all of Rock of Ages is a rocking experience, with rock-solid gameplay, that will rock your world.

I hope you liked my review of Rock of Ages .
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 Have a nice day.
Senin, 18 Juni 2012

Bastion Re: Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am Re: Reviewing Bastion, in order to celebrate 1000 views:

Bastion is the first game developed by "Supergiant Games". It was a huge success due to its grate gameplay, original world and the unique story telling tehnique.
You start with a character called The Kid, on a rock in the sky. You waking up, take a step and the world start forming beneath your feet. The rocks just fly to there respectful places and form a path.  That is the result of the Calamity, a disaster that struck the world and broke it. Your first goal is to reach the bastion, a place where the people of Caelondia where supposed to meet, if something went wrong.

The gameplay, of this top-down, action RPG, is skill based and very customizable. The tools you have at your disposal are two weapons, a special attack and a shield. You can create very powerful and fun combinations of weapons and special attacks, due to the huge selection found in the arsenal. In combat you have to use any tool you have, in order to survive. This includes even finding the weakness in enemy strategies and exploiting them.

The most innovating thing in the game is the way the story is told. Its a simple idea, a narrator, who is your constant companion, in the adventure. He tells you the story of the places you are in, of the enemies you encounter, of the weapons you use. But the greatest thing about him, is the fact that he is always original and never gets boring.

So to top it all off Bastion is a very fun, sometimes hard game, with well presented story, interesting  game mechanics and very unique world.

I hope you liked my review of Bastion.
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Have a nice day.
Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Fallout New Vegas Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing the post-apocalyptic hit:

Fallout New Vegas is the newest game in the open world, RPG series Fallout.
The story develops four years after the last Fallout. Its not a sequel, but more like a parallel story, set in a different part of  post-apocalyptic USA. 
You start with bound hands and feet, looking at a guy in checker suit. He is holding the packages, you where suppose to deliver.After a short speech, he shoots you.
The robot that witnessed the shooting, brings you to Doctor Mitchell, who heals you. Then you create your character and go out seeking revenge.

New Vegas, just like previous Fallout games, is an open world, RPG. So, as you may expect, the game is not focused on the main story line. Its more about the side missions and exploration. In order to encourage that, the game has a lot things to find like caves, camps and scattered side quests. All of them make the world feel alive and  more dynamic, than it actually is.

The gameplay is much better than Fallout 3. All of the guns have some kick and feeling of power, which i never got from the series. The biggest change however, is the addition of iron sights. This makes the game closer to a traditional FPS and ultimately more satisfying to play. 

The things that annoyed me, where the armor and weapon DLC's. If you got them from the start, they screwed with the power progression system and basically made the game too easy. 
To top it all of Fallout New Vegas is a very good open world RPG, set in a beautiful and original  post-apocalyptic setting.

I hope you liked my review of  Fallout New Vegas.
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  Have a nice day.
Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Risen Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing a decent RPG:

Risen is the spiritual successor to the fabled adventure, that was Gothic. Its developed by Piranha Bytes. The same guys that made Gothic, so that leads to grate story.
Speaking of story, you start as a shipwreck survivor. Washed away on some unknown shore, with nothing, but the shirt on your back and the will to survive. So you find yourself a weapon and start looking for people. Eventually you find about the two fractions on the island - The Don's man and The Inquisition. Depending on which you join, you get different training, weapons and armor.

The gameplay takes a lot from Gothic and improves upon it. The combat feels more dynamic and its focused on using the environment to your advantage. Each weapon type has a unique style and you must chose the one, that you like best.
Of course you can always use magic, if you don't like weapons. It make the game closer to third person shooter and its very easy to use. A bit to easy in my opinion.

The graphics are fairly good, especially the lighting effects are impressive. The only graphic problem i see, is the jump animation. It looks terrible, like something from Gothic 1. Fortunately you don't jump very often.

So to top it all off, Risen has a lot of elements from Gothic, which make it a good RPG for the PC. For the Xbox, however, its a very poorly ported, peace of shit, so play it on PC. 

 I hope you liked my review of Risen.
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Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Artist's Monolog... III

Day 16
Still on the beach, still being hunted by the same dude. I got to admit, he tried every trick in the book to get me interested, showing off his skills. Most days it ended miserably, but from time to time he did managed to have a valid point.

Primbon Jawa

Artist's Monolog... II

Day 2 
Who would have thought? A developer? On the beach? On top of it, it seems that I couldn’t shake this guy off, everywhere I went he soon followed. I tried to push him off gently (and not so gently), but it seems to create an opposite reaction and his demands were only getting more annoying and fairly personal.

Primbon Jawa
Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Artist's Monolog...

Day 96
I can’t put my finger on the exact time that it happened, but did it ever happened to you that you start a discussion on top and before you know it, you hit rock bottom? Well, it happened to me… It is not clear when the discussions went from:

EMH: Please do my art
SE: Nope
EMH: Please?
SE: No
EMH: Please!
SE: Na
EMH: Please!?
SE: Noooo!
EMH: Please.
SE: No!
EMH: Please?
SE: Ok
EMH: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


SE: I worked all night on this one, what do you think?
EMH: Sloppy. It is one pixel short, odd size, eyebrow is wrong color and frankly a bit spooky.
SE: I’m sorry, let me try again…
SE: This one?
EMH: Eyes should be half way; hand is looking weird and who told you to add a hat?
SE: Sorry

I decided to see if the community could help me understand how things got to this point. To do that I’ll need to take you 3 months back to a sunny day somewhere in Australia.

Day 1
I always saw it as a compliment that many developers approached me about doing art for their games. However, after getting so many daily emails wanting art I just had to take a break and refuel. So I took my surfboard and went to the one place that I could find peace, the beach – or so I thought.

Primbon Jawa
Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

Need For Speed Most Wanted Review

Hi, my name is Nik and i am reviewing my favorite racing game:

Most Wanted is the crown jewel of the Need For Speed franchise, hopefully the newly announced Most Wanted 2, will live up to its predecessor's name.
The basic story starts with you arriving to Rockport City, finding that the best street racers, are is a group, known as The Black List. So you have to get to the top of the list, by doing that, you become the most wanted.
The characters are all, well know stereotypes. Sergeant Cross is the loud mouth cop, trying to stop all  illegal racing in the city. Razor is the asshole, on top of the Black List, that treats you like crap. And of course, there is a hot chick helping you, named Mia.

But the thing that matters in a racing game, is not the story, or the characters. Its the racing and running from the cops. The one thing standing out the most however, is the sense of speed. To achieve it, the developers used a lot of bloom and a ton of motion blur. This makes the game gorgeous, when you are moving at high speeds. However, if you slow down, you see that it is outdated, by today's standards. Luckily slowing down, or stopping are two things you really do.

So to top it all of Need For Seed Most Wanted is a true masterpiece, that will never get old for me.

I hope you liked my review of  Need For Seed Most Wanted.
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  Have a nice day.
Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Magicka Review

Hi, my name is Nik and todays review is on:

Magicka - one of the best games of last year, winner of numerous rewards and a generally funny and fun game.
The story, of this action RPG, is simple. You are a good wizard send to battle the evil sorcerer, helping people on the way. On your journey you find noting less, then pure comedy gold. References from popular movies, games, stories, just waiting to be discovered.

But the greatest thing in Magicka, is the magic. You have control of eight elements - fire, water, cold, earth, lightning, arcane, life and shield. By combining them, you can cast powerful attacking, or defensive spells.

This game is best, when played with others. This is why it provides a co-op multiplayer, so you can share, all of the funny moments, with friends.

Playing in singleplayer is possible, but hard, because the enemies are not balanced for one player. 

So to top it all off, Magicka is a very satisfying action RPG, with lots of funny references and unique gameplay.

 I hope you liked my review of Magica.
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 Have a nice day.
Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Max Payne 3 Review

Hi my name is Nik and todays review is:

Max Payne 3, the minute you start this game, a giant wave of nostalgia hits you. You are grated by a cinematic with music, from the original games, and a monologue from Max. The sad story of his life, after the second game, is that he wants to forget the past. This is why he is on the "very healthy" diet of drugs and drinks.
Max is working for a privet security company in São Paulo, Brazil. So your job is protecting the rich Branco family. Then while on duty, some street gang kidnaps Fabiana Branco.And job of saving her falls on Payne - a simple, but compelling story. 

The gameplay brings more nostalgia to the game. You still have bullet-time and the ability, to dual-wielded weapons, just like in the first games. The guns feel powerful and different, from one another, just like in the first games.
What is not like the old games, is cover-based combat like in Gears of War. This is a very controversial addition and i am not really sure, if i like it. Sometimes cover and bullet-time, give you are very powerful and diverse ways, to kill enemies. But you can get too defensive, witch is not fun. Either way, you aren't forced to use it. 
There are some big changes to the gun system. First you cant carry as much firepower as before, only two one-handed and one two-handed weapons. And second you can dual-wielded guns of different types. For example - M1911 (pistol) with M10 (SMG). Bout changes give the game more dynamic feel - you are always trying new combinations, in order to find the most effective, for the current situation.

Graphically the game is gorgeous, even on the close to high settings, which i use. The animation quality is amazingly realistic and lifelike . The texture quality is insanely detailed and beautiful.
The sound design is better then anything i heard in a third-person shooter. But easily, the best part is the music. It contains tracks from the first game and they will be instantly familiar, to people that played them.

Unfortunately this game has problems. The first and biggest is the lack of any kind of save, its all checkpoints. I usually don't have a problem with them, but in this case i do, because sometimes they are too far apart. And its very frustrating, if you die five feet from the next checkpoint.
Another thing that i don't like, is that when you die several times, on the same section - you automatically get a pain killed. I don't like my game laughing  at me and making it easier to play, especially on "Hard". When i play on "Hard" i want a challenge, i want to push my skill to the limit, in order complete the section. I don't want pity, or whatever this is, from the game. 

So to top it all up Max Payne 3 is a game that stays true to its roots and comes close to masterpiece. It has some problems, just like any game. I recommend it to fans of the original games, and to people that like third-person shooters.

 I hope you liked my review of Max Payne 3 .
If you did please comment and share with your friends.
 Have a nice day.