Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Alan Wake Review

Hi my name is Nik and today i am taking a look at one of my favorite horrors:

In this horror you play a writer named Alan Wake, who has to battle dangerous enemies and overcome his fears in search of answers to simple questions. What happened to him  and where is his wife? 
The story starts with a nightmare, where Alan is being chased by some lunatic with an axe. Short after that you wake up on a barge, that is on its way to Bright Falls - a peaceful, little town, or so it seams. You get the key to some cabin, go inside and then the nightmare becomes reality! After that you wake in some wrecked car, all covered in bruises and blood. You see the date in a gas station - a weak after your arrival in Bright Falls. And so the simple questions are born. What happened to you and where is your wife?  

The enemies in this game are called Taken. People or objects that are under the influence of the Dark Presence - force witch wants you back in your cabin or dead. In order to kill a Taken you first must use some light source, usually a flashlight, to get the Dark Presence of him, witch is acting like a shield,  and then you shoot him till he "dies" and vanishes in to thin air. In order to do that you have a large selection of weapons and all of them feel unique, for example the shotgun has nothing in common with the hunting rifle. They have big kick to them, the firepower is there, and you can feel it every time you shoot.
One of the interesting mechanics of the game is that in order to reload faster you have to pump the "R" key. So this gives it a little "god of war" vibe - its not just a standard "R" to reload for two seconds or something like in normal shooters.  

Now for the problems - this game has very few. The only one that i can think of, is that in episode 5 the game becomes more shooting then story and that is the driving force. Don't get me wrong the shooting is good, but the story is better.  
Graphically the game is beautiful - grate fog effects, excellent motion blur (the first i ever liked in a shooter), detailed textures and top of the line lighting, make this game one of the best games looking games i have seen. The PC port is so good i can't think of any complaints, witch is close to impossible. It is so good it has a FOV slider in third person game and that is rear.

So to top it all Alan Wake is a gorgeous looking, story driven, third person horror, with a excellent PC port. As horror its not very scary, even from me and i hate horror game and movies, If you are looking for that i suggest "Amnesia - The Dark Descent".

 I hope you liked my review of Alan Wake.
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