Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Proun Review

Hi my name is Nik and today is all about speed:

Proun - a abstract, racing game made by Joost van Dongen (music and sounds by Arno Landsbergen). This is not your typical racing game, as you probably figured out. In Proun you are not a car, but a ball. The track is not a road, its a tube. And the obstacles are not buildings, they are geometric shapes. So how does it work? Well you are a little white ball, stuck to the outside of a tube with other balls as your opponents. You can turn around the outer part of the tube, go forward and back, but you cant fall from it. Its like you are attracted to the tube by some invisible force. Your goals are simple - dodge obstacles, go fast and win.

Sounds simple, but its not, because going fast and avoiding obstacles are two things that, don't go well together. And when i say fast i mean fast, in fact "fast" is the slowest speed in the game. The other three are sonic , supersonic and speed of light. Very fitting names.
And if that was not fast enough you also have boost, witch you acquire, if you don't hit stuff or slow down for several seconds.
To top of that on almost every map has one speed ring, witch increases your speed by a lot. So if you are looking for something fast and skill based, this is a game for you.

This title has three championship mode maps, in witch you unlock the various speeds, tow more bonus tracks and most importantly - online highscores. And this is the addicting part of the game, you always try to get the perfect map run and get in the Top 10. And when you finally get there it's so satisfying as hell, and i know i am there. 
One of the nice features of Proun is that you can use 3D Studio MAX to make your own tracks. Also you can import tracks that other people made, and there are quite a few on the official website and in the forums. 

So problems. The only major i found is that my gamepad, a Genius Maxfire G-12U, makes the game crash to desktop. It works just fine with Xbox controller, witch most people use. The graphics are very basic, very abstract and kind of interesting. The music is jazz, witch is good for what it is, bit its just not my thing. And if you are like me you can always turn of  the music  and use winamp.   
To top it all off Proun is a very fun, addicting and unique game, with "pay what you want" system. Witch basically means that you can pay any price above € 1. If you are interested click here.

Gameplay video

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