Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

Kapan Memulai Membuat Char Wartune Kita Kuat?

Char wartun mulai bisa di perkuat saat level mencapai 35, karena di level 35, char sudah bisa menggunakan item yang bisa di pakai untuk 10 level, atau sampai level 45.

Sedangkan sebelum level 35, barang yang di pakai adalah barang gratisan yang banyak pilihan. baiknya, mulai level 1 hingga level 35,, pekerjaan kita hanya mengejar level. Dalam artian kata,, tidak perlu memburu item untuk di pakai.

Item atau barang yang di pakai char ada 8, 4 item di samping kanan, 4 lagi di kiri char. Item di samping kanan dapat di peroleh dengan membeli di Arena Shop, dan item di kiri dapat di peroleh dengan membeli di Crypt Shop. Crypt token dapat di peroleh di Catacomb, Insignia dapat di peroleh di Arena Party, Battle Ground, Battle Guild dan Harvest atau tanam pohin Insignia di kebun.

Walaupun 35 adalah level yg baik untuk memperkuat char,, ada pula cara memperkuat char dari level rendah. Baik itu melalui Academy, atau Skill Guild. Semua itu akan kami jelaskan secara terperinci pada pestingan kedepan. 

Tetap ikuti postingan selanjutnya, mudah-mudahan bisa berguna.

Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013


Just a quick tutorial to start the new year. I needed a splatter for an illustration. After a quick check on my hard-drive and google images I decided to do it from scratch which turned out to be quick and easy. 

It's based on a circle with added nodes and a bit of deforming. 

Again it's all about variation. The design is nice and simple and very flexible. Let's try some directional drips. The first one drips down to the lower right and the second variation drips straight down.

I hope this might be helpful ... Enjoy! 

Primbon Jawa
Kamis, 17 Januari 2013


Water has been a lot difficult than I had anticipated, I thought I could set up some simple rules and let it propagate itself but it seems that liquids are a lot more complicated than I thought, three times with three different prototypes I ended up with infinitely expanding water producing a tidal wave that would engulf the map.

Quite beautiful really, I'll need to add something like it as a natural disaster type event at some point.

My goal has been to make finite water that slowly drains when spreading but can stay stable in a small lake or pool. My newest version works with chunks that keep track of stable and flowing water, updating the flowing water every few milliseconds and it looks like this:

The sides of the water blocks being visible through other water blocks is a bug while I work out water height based on amount of water in the block.

I'm not sure I like even this newest version so I may have to re do it at some point but for now it works, it collects in pools and flows when given the chance.
Primbon Jawa Voxel Dwarf Game
Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

Tutorial Memperkuat Character Game Wartune

Disini kami tidak akan membahas tentang cara bermain Game Wartune buat pemula, tapi disini akan dibahas sedikit tentang cara membuat karakter game Wartune agan kuat.

Sangat banyak cara buat agan'' untuk menjadikan karakter game agan sulit di kalahkan, disini kami akan mencoba membahas dengan terperinci untuk tiga karakter game Wartune. Knight, Archer, dan Mage.

Silahkan melihat-lihat, moga tulisan ini berguna bagi agan'' semua.
Jumat, 11 Januari 2013

New Textures

A friend is now making textures and they look miles better, from a distance it looks good, blocks are easy to identify and up close as well even with just 32x32 textures it looks great.

I am now working on water an other non solid simulations, so far they render and fall and stack but never spread.
Primbon Jawa Voxel Dwarf Game
Senin, 07 Januari 2013

Texture atlas and textures

I caved and added textures because the vertex colored blocks had no visible edges when another block of the same color was underneath it, even shadows only helped on two sides. Also, I added shadows while I was at it, these can be toned down in the quality settings but they look damn good.

Primbon Jawa Voxel Dwarf Game
Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

Block Colours

I've started adding vertex colors to the blocks, this is actually the first time I'm differentiating between block types which is exciting, also it shows the terrain generation a lot better along with it's flaws. I think I'll be sticking to these block colors for the time being as mobile platforms won't be able to show the textures anyway.

And in first person:

Primbon Jawa Voxel Dwarf Game

Terrain Generation

I've started using Perlin noise instead of a height map to generate the terrain to have infinite generation and be able to generate caves and caverns as well as the surface of the terrain. The results have been encouraging but there's still a lot to be done to ensure that it creates a realistic surface with mountains and plains and other natural elements such as rivers and lakes.

First thing I generated was some rolling hills with a 2d Perlin noise function, looks good but too boring for gameplay.

Then I generated some 3d noise which made this alien landscape.

I modified the 3d noise function to create a slightly more realistic terrain, here by changing the thresholds for what makes a solid block dependent on elevation so that the lower levels are almost solid with more caves on the way up to the surface, then the surface gives way to mountains and floating islands. It's not realistic enough but if I hadn't used a linear change it might have worked better. 

Lastly: Layers upon layers of 2d Perlin noise generated terrain on top of each other, this is how I plan to make realistic terrain. Starting with a mountain layer I got tall mountains and large valleys, then I placed a layer of stone starting from the bottom replacing all air blocks in the way up to around 30 meters, then a layer of dirt replacing air up to 34 meters and lastly adding a layer of dirt on top of everything with a between 0 and 4 blocks deep to put dirt on the mountains and add some more noise to the surface.

Rabu, 02 Januari 2013

Kingdom of Dwarves

Working on a voxel based game in Unity where you build a kingdom with your group of dwarves. I have rendering of voxels in chunks of 16x16x16 cubes that can be updated independently and I'm working on a texture atlas based on block values and an alternative where blocks are just colored rather than textured for better performance on low end computers and mobile devices.

First test: a heightmap generated chunk

Second: larger heightmap based level with one layer of chunks

Finally: large terrain map with mountains

Primbon Jawa Voxel Dwarf Game