Rabu, 07 Agustus 2013

Shooting and blasting - making a revolver

After the hacking and slaying it's time to move forward in time and get to the shooting and blasting - guns and rifles and those things in between. 

This is part of the 1 million views give away. The files attached to this blog post are free and contain the guns and rifles in inkscape's .svg format and as an exploded version to use as gun construction kit.

This is what we are after - simplified handguns and rifles to use in your game. 

In order to be easily readable I created these with outlines. You can take those off but will have to add additional shading to make up for the loss of detail. 

I took the revolver as a sample to show you how these assets were created. 

Even though I am not big on guns (and please forgive me if I named bits wrongly in the tutorial - as to me they are just 'bits of a gun'), I had a lot of fun creating these. I hope you enjoy the assets as well.


Primbon Jawa

Thank you! - the blog just reached 1 Million views

Thanks to all those who read my blog post [that have been spread way too far and there are still too few - or too many topics still to cover. I am working on it... but time seems to fly by too quickly.]

Anyway... I want to thank all of you and am working on a nice [well I hope it is] give away to celebrate reaching this mile stone. 

Sunny greetings,
Primbon Jawa