Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

Dark Horizon Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

From the moment i played Freelancer, i started looking for good space combat simulator. And recently i found Dark Horizon. So the question is, will it be as good as i hope, or will it flop like so many before it?
The basic story outline is fairly simple and predictable. An unstoppable force, called The Mirk, is destroying the galaxy, one star system at a time. You are a soldier tasked to defend The Light Core - the only thing powerful enough to stop The Mirk. 

The gameplay is pretty standard, but it has some interesting mechanics. 
One is the heat system. If you use the cooling system and the temperature drops, your weapons are less powerful, you move slower, but the ship is invisible and no one can target it. If you use the heating system, you temperature starts rising, your ship's weapons become more powerful, but your shield is being drained. You must find the balance between power and survivability. 

One of the better things the game has is the level of customization. You can select the ships hull type, armor, shields and much more. But the best thing is the weapon building. You can select the projectile type, the caliber and the modifications for the weapon. Half of the fun is building your ships and weapons depending on the mission parameters.

Unfortunately the game  is plagued by problems. The first and biggest is the fact that the weapons feel very weak, especially in third person. They sound more like toys then guns and that doesn't give you the "i'm powerful as god" feel, you want from a game like this. So i strongly recommend using the first person camera - the weapons sound and feel a lot better.  
Other problems include terrible voice acting, badly written lines, boring story and some audio bugs. 

To top it all of Dark Horizon is a fairly good space combat simulator, with an amazing amount of  customization, nice enemy variety, varied environments. Unfortunately the story, voice acting and the shooting in third person let it down.

I hope you liked my review of Dark Horizon.
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