More fun with gradients...

Let's take the gradient fill to the next level and work with colour and alpha to create a simple underwater background.

Use the 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' key to adjust the order of objects [e.g. place the sea anemones in the mid ground behind the light rays.] 

I would like to add more life to the underwater scene and create some fish. The basic principle when adding 'real' elements to a vector scene is to look at the shapes and 'deconstruct' them into basic elements like the circle, square, rectangle or ellipse.

I usually do a quick google image search for a reference image to get a better idea what I am going to create. In this case the 'yellow reef fish' search came up with a nice yellow longnose butterfly fish.
It works great as the main body is kind of squarish and the front has a triangular shape.

The same approach works the same with far more complex elements. It's a matter of seeing the 'building blocks'. 

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