Orcs Must Die Review

Hi my name is Nik and today i am taking a look in to one of the most addicting games of last year:

So Orcs Must Die is a game about killing orcs - simple as that. There is some basic story - you are a warmage that defends the portals to the human world, called rifts, from orcs. The really good part of the game however is the killing of the orcs part and that is so satisfying and so addicting everyone that like killing things in games will love it (i know i do).

The game is a very interesting mix of tower defense and a third person action game - you lay traps on the orcs path, but they are not enough to kill them all, so you have to help them, with some of your weapons, like the crossbow, blade staff, fire bracers and several other weapon. But there is a much grater list of traps then weapons - spike trap, tar pits, arrow walls, floor scorcher and much more will give you a very good selection of ways to kill orcs. When you complete a level you get skulls, up to five depending on how well you did, and with this sculls you can buy upgrades for your favorite traps.

Graphically the game has this nice cartoonie stile witch suets it very well- its not crysis but the textures are good quality and you get good frame rate on the PC version. The game sounds nice and goofy witch compliments the humor and graphics stile. The only problem i have with the game is that it doesn't have Co-Op multiplayer, but they are fixing that with   Orcs Must Die 2 witch should come out this summer.
One last answer i should probably answer is Orcs Must Die vs. Dungeon Defender and the simple answer witch i think is right is that Orcs Must Die is a better singleplayer then Dungeon Defender, so if you like Co-Op get Dungeon Defender, for single player get  Orcs Must Die.
So to top it all of  Orcs Must Die is one of the best orcs killing simulator with a nice and unique graphic stile, nice sense of humor and grate gameplay.
You can get Orcs Must Die for PC and Xbox 360. 

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Gameplay video 

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