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Hi, my name is Nik and today i am Re: Reviewing Bastion, in order to celebrate 1000 views:

Bastion is the first game developed by "Supergiant Games". It was a huge success due to its grate gameplay, original world and the unique story telling tehnique.
You start with a character called The Kid, on a rock in the sky. You waking up, take a step and the world start forming beneath your feet. The rocks just fly to there respectful places and form a path.  That is the result of the Calamity, a disaster that struck the world and broke it. Your first goal is to reach the bastion, a place where the people of Caelondia where supposed to meet, if something went wrong.

The gameplay, of this top-down, action RPG, is skill based and very customizable. The tools you have at your disposal are two weapons, a special attack and a shield. You can create very powerful and fun combinations of weapons and special attacks, due to the huge selection found in the arsenal. In combat you have to use any tool you have, in order to survive. This includes even finding the weakness in enemy strategies and exploiting them.

The most innovating thing in the game is the way the story is told. Its a simple idea, a narrator, who is your constant companion, in the adventure. He tells you the story of the places you are in, of the enemies you encounter, of the weapons you use. But the greatest thing about him, is the fact that he is always original and never gets boring.

So to top it all off Bastion is a very fun, sometimes hard game, with well presented story, interesting  game mechanics and very unique world.

I hope you liked my review of Bastion.
If you did please comment and share with your friends.
Have a nice day.
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