Need For Speed Most Wanted Review

Hi, my name is Nik and i am reviewing my favorite racing game:

Most Wanted is the crown jewel of the Need For Speed franchise, hopefully the newly announced Most Wanted 2, will live up to its predecessor's name.
The basic story starts with you arriving to Rockport City, finding that the best street racers, are is a group, known as The Black List. So you have to get to the top of the list, by doing that, you become the most wanted.
The characters are all, well know stereotypes. Sergeant Cross is the loud mouth cop, trying to stop all  illegal racing in the city. Razor is the asshole, on top of the Black List, that treats you like crap. And of course, there is a hot chick helping you, named Mia.

But the thing that matters in a racing game, is not the story, or the characters. Its the racing and running from the cops. The one thing standing out the most however, is the sense of speed. To achieve it, the developers used a lot of bloom and a ton of motion blur. This makes the game gorgeous, when you are moving at high speeds. However, if you slow down, you see that it is outdated, by today's standards. Luckily slowing down, or stopping are two things you really do.

So to top it all of Need For Seed Most Wanted is a true masterpiece, that will never get old for me.

I hope you liked my review of  Need For Seed Most Wanted.
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  Have a nice day.
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