Orcs Must Die 2 Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Heads will roll, orcs will die and ogres will cry, like little girls, just like in the first Orcs Must Die. 
The story, of this kill everything simulator, starts where the previous game left of. The evil Sorceress, is on her way to be get killed, by her former orc allies, but then something incredible happens. A very small, unstable rift opens and she used it to escape in the human world. To her surprise, the first thing she sees, is The War Mage, from the first game. So they must stop the orcs from exiting the mines, in to the human kingdoms. 

The game still carries the gameplay ideas from Orcs Must Die. You build traps, that kill orcs, but they are not sufficient, so you must use weapons too. Its like a mixture of tower defense and a action-RPG.
The biggest change is the fact that you have two classes - The War Mage and The Sorceress. The main difference between the two, is the fact that The War Mage has equal amounts of health and mana and The Sorceress has more mana then health. Another difference is the trap roster. Its a bit different for each of the characters and you compensate those differences is co-op.

Another major change is the item upgrade system. This was, of course in the first game, but it has seen a lot of changes since. Now you can upgrade not only the traps, but all of your items. Also every item has multiple levels of upgrades and branching choices. This gives you a lot more customization,so you can adapt the game to your play stile and not the other way around.  
There are also a lot of new things, like new traps, new enemies, endless mode and the highly anticipated co-op. Unfortunately i can't say anything about it, because my friends haven't even played the first Orcs Must Die. If you want more info on the co-op i recommend the video the TotalBiscuit made about it. 

This is where i should tell you, what i don't like about the game. Now that is a very hard question. One of the frustrating things, is the fact that you never get stats, like trap damage, reset time or anything, so if you are a min-maxer, you will hate it.  Another very minor grudge, is that the story is cheesy and very predictable, but this game has never being about story. So overall very small problems, that can be easily ignored.

To top it all of Orcs Must Die 2, is one of best games i played this year. It grate has variety, more of everything, improved game mechanics and gameplay. It every runs better then the first game and so i really hope that robot entertainment continue to make game of this quality.

I hope you liked my review of 
Orcs Must Die 2.
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My name is Nik and i hope you are having a nice day.
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