Sleeping Dogs Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Sleeping Dogs is an open world action adventure game, similar to GTA and Saints Row.

You play as Wei Shen, a detective who is undercover in the Sun On Yee gang, a branch of the Triads. For those that don't know, the Triads are a criminal organization, based in Hong Kong and of course the game also takes place in there. So your job is to get inside the gang, find the identity of the bosses and take them out. 

The game puts a lot of focus, on grate story telling and excellent voice action, on the main missions.

But you will not be left out, if you want to have some fun, outside the main story line. The game provides a lot of things to do like singing karaoke, cock (rooster) fighting, street racing and much, much more.

Now lets talk gameplay. Guns are kind of a rarity in Hong Kong, so you will be fist fighting most of the time. Sleeping Dogs tries to copy the melee mechanics from Batman: Arkham Asylum  and it does so quite successfully. The light and heavy combos, chain really well with your counter attacks. The combat is not quite as fluid as Batman's, but its still pretty good. 

But the game also introduces environmental kills. What that means is, that you can grab an opponent and use things like fans, spikes, or doors to kill him. That adds a bit more depth to the fighting and it ultimately makes it more enjoyable.

Now the shooting, is the standard third-person cover bases formula, but with a twist. If you slide over your cover, time slows downs. Its not a very big change, but it makes the game more fun, than other third-person shooters.

Now a little grudge i have with the game, is that there is no good way to fast travel. Yes, there are taxis, but they can take you to a very limited list of places. And if you are not very careful, you will steal the taxi, in stead of going in it. 

Fortunately, the driving is so enjoyable, that you will not need a taxi. All of the cars, even the crappie once, accelerate very rapidly and that gives you a real sense of speed. It almost fells like a Need For Speed game.

Now the PC port is kind of a mixed bag. The HD texture pack obviously shows that they made improvements, compared to the console version. But some of the menus can't be used with the mouse, for whatever reason. Still the problem is only in the menus and in the open world part.

To top it all of, Sleeping Dogs is a good game all around. Excellent story, enjoyable fighting and amazing driving, make it the first open world game, of this type, that i have liked in a long time.

I hope you liked my review of Sleeping Dogs.
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My name is Nik and i hope you are having a nice day.
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