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Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Unmechanical is a puzzle game, where you play one of the cutest robots.
The game starts with a cinematic, of you being kidnapped and released in some sort of test facility. I am sick of this cliche, its so overused in puzzle games. Anyway, once in the facility, you have to complete some basic physics based puzzles, that get harder and harder. The only tool you have, is the tractor beam, that can be used to pull and lift objects.  

One thing that the game has, is variety. You have weight puzzles, sequence puzzle and some that just require some common sense. What makes them interesting, is the setting of the game. From the adorable robot, to the beautiful backgrounds. From the sound design, to the ambient music. The game just has, so much character its unbelievable.It reminds me of  Machinarium and that is never a bad thing.

One of the really grate things about the game, is the lack of UI. The environment, just telegraphs all that you need to know about the puzzles. But, sometimes it can be confusing and you will not know what is background and what is foreground. Another slightly annoying thing, is the with of you're tractor beam, its not wide enough and you have to be very precise, in order to lift something. 

To top it all of, Unmechanical is a grate little game, that can be quite relaxing any fan of puzzles can enjoy with ease.

I hope you liked my review of Unmechanical.
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My name is Nik and i hope you are having a nice day.

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