Keeping busy... with a friendship book

Thanks for all the request for new tutorials and the great comments. To answer the main questions - yes... I am still alive and have to apologize for not posting for such a long time... and no... I neither ran out of motivation or ideas just out of time. 

A huge chunk of time was taken up by a project for my little sister. Do you know those questions "Can you draw me something really quick?" followed by the "It should be really easy for you." or "It doesn't have to be perfect."?
My little sister asked for a few images for a friendship book. You might be asking what's that. It's a book to keep memories of (your kid's) friends at kindergarten or school. 

They are highly popular in Germany but my sister (living in London) couldn't find anything quite like in the UK. Along with a friend she started the idea of making/ publishing her own book... and who would be a better choice for a 'few illustrations' than the dear brother. 

80 fully illustrated pages, the usual nightmares with the printers [getting the page count wrong twice, not working out the page order properly - as the book was printed inside book covers and eventually being a good two weeks late] and endless headaches with adobe's illustrator later, the book was finally out for the Christmas markets at schools in my sister's neighborhood, a few bookstores and for online ordering on the internet. 

Here's a sample page:

After doing the book's illustration, flyers, posters, business cards and the website design I am now happy it's out there (and I get some time to do game art again and write some new tutorials). Fay's and Finely's Friendship book is now available at for GBP 9.99 plus postage. 

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