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As you probably figured from the name Sky Drift is a game about racing with airplanes, someone compared it quite accurate to mario kart in the sky. This game is all about things only - speed! All of the planes fly very fast and you have to make sharp turns true in tight places - its grate. But the speed isn't your only weapon against your opponents, you can use rockets, cannon (machine guns), mines and shockwaves witch you puck up as power-ups. The other power-ups are shields and repairs. You can hold two power-ups of any type and if you pick a second of the same type it will get much stronger.

Of course as any racing game this one has boost, you can get boost by flaying close to the ground or walls, killing enemy planes or destroying boosts that you have (level two boosts give you move boost when destroyed). The game has 6-7 maps(on same races you get the reverse versions) witch doesn't sound like a lot, but the maps are diverse, beautiful, and changing so you cant really get bored by them. You also get a selection on 9 planes (with 4 skins per plane) and each one them files different and unique. 
There are three types of races - Power Race witch is the standard all power-ups three or four laps race, Surviver witch is elimination with all power-ups mode and then there is Speed Race, witch is my favorite, you don't have any power-ups, but there are speed ring threw the map and when you go threw a ring you get a boost of a speed - more rings equals more speed. There is also a fourth type witch is only in the finale level of the game and its a mixture of  Surviver and  Speed Race - speed rings and elimination in one.

Graphically the game is beautiful - grate lighting effects, some of the best motion blur that i have seen since NFS: Most Wanted and a dam good estetik make this one of the best looking racing games ever. The sound track is heart pumping fast drum and base, techno or rock - depending on the level. There is no story line is this game, witch is a good thing cuz that means more for flaying not listening to stupid crap you don't want. The only problem i have with the game is that its difficult to play with a keyboard, so even for PC i recomend having a gamepad or xbox controller 
So to top it all up Sky Drift is a fast racing game with power-ups, beautiful graphics, grate soundtrack and a very nice level design.
You can get the game on PC, Xbox and PS3.

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Gameplay video

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