Artist Monolog IV

Day 34
Five weeks and he is still around… I figured that the only way out of it was to have a look at what he wanted me to do. I even tried to convince myself that for sure it wasn’t that bad and I could get away with some basic art suggestions (“use red”). Again, I was wrong, what I saw was something like that…


Day 35
I couldn’t sleep that night (he was under my windows all night asking “so how was it?”, “did you like it?”, “cool ha?”, “told you it is cool”, “call me?”, “I’m sure he liked it”).

Terrible as it was, something did click. I don’t know if it was the challenge, a mental breakdown or compassion for a lost soul (and hair) – but I decided to make a couple of images… and than a couple more, with a one or two additions; and a few hundred images later we finally had Wild Surf.


In order to satisfy the most likely request 'more babes on the beach' here's one of the ingame comics:

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