Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today is a special DLC review:

After the release of Mass Effect 3, a lot of people where very disappointed, about the ending. So Bioware where forced to make a new one and it is called Extended Cut.
All of the changes are made are in the last mission. Before you get to the Citadel you may notice several new cinematics. They show parts of the space fighting, the ground battles, but more importantly they fill several gaps, that where in the original story.

However most of the changes come after, you get to the Catalyst, aka. the Ghost Child. This time you can talk more and get some new information. After you little chat - you have to chose one of four endings.
The cutscenes show pictures of the future, all of which depend on the choices you made previously. Also each ending is narrated by a different characters, who tells you more about the things to come.

To top it all off the new endings are much better and they fix the major plot holes. So if you liked the original endings, you will love this. And if you hated them, you will probably like the new once.

I hope you liked my review of Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut.
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  Have a nice day. 
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