Shadow Era Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing a TCG:

Shadow Era is a free to play, browser based, trading card game, with a some unique ideas.
The rules are pretty simple, with some similarities to other TCG's. The terrain has several fields. The first is for your allies, the monsters you summon. The second is for support cards like spells and weapons and the third is for your Hero. The Hero is the most important card in your deck, because his race and class determines, which cards you can use.

Depending on the race, of the Hero, your allies will be either Human Allys or Shadow Allys. The class  determines what support cards you can use. But there are some cards, that can be used by anyone, regardless of his race and class.
The goal of the game, is to kill the enemy hero, using your arsenal of spells and army of allies. Those are the rules in a nut shell, there are a bit more complex, but this is a review, not a rule book.

There are two ways to get cards. The first is to buy booster packs, using crystals. You can get crystals by buying them with real money, or by leveling up you character. The second way is to buy individual cards, using gold. You get gold is by selling cards, or by winning matches.

This game, unfortunately, has some problems. The biggest one is the massive lag, you get when playing multiplayer. Fortunately this is not a FPS, so the only downside is longer matches and chat lag. Other problems include interface bugs and unbalanced cards, but they are too annoying.
To top it all of Shadow Era is a really good, free to play,  trading card game.  

 I hope you liked my review of Shadow Era .
If you did please comment and share with your friends.
Have a nice day.
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