PayPal Pains...

It was just a matter of time before it happened. I had a long conversation with my friends at deep blue apps (where I am illustrating a lot of the templates) and they had a whole avalanche of paypal disputes. Even my knocking on wood didn't help and today I had my first dispute on a BlockBuddies bundle - strange enough by a customer heavily shopping at deep blue apps as well (and disputing those purchases as well).

You don't get any information from paypal as to why the order has been disputed, so at first I thought ok... there is a kid shopping around with grandma's credit card. I was willing to just let it go and take the hit. After finding out there is a lot more purchases at deep blue apps I kind of changed my attitude.

It might be a sign of the times that everything is considered to be free and when you have a way to 'trick' someone out of his pay you should do so. The main flaw in this logic is the fact that things like this turn me off doing more art and tutorials. Why bother with something that makes me a little bit of pocket money (not talking about the fun I have doing it - but I would have that as well if I wouldn't publish them in this blog)? I might as well sit back and enjoy the summer, sun and pool.

Thanks to all who are supporting me and help me keep the faith in humanity and shame on those who think that it's ok to rip me off just because they can.

Sorry about this rant. I just had to let of some steam.  
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