Dead Space 2 Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Dead Space 2 is a third - person, survival horror made by Visceral Games.
The game starts in the insane asylum, on some space station. The main character - Isaac  Clarke has no memory memory of the past three years. All he knows is, that there is a new outbreak of Necromorph - a kind of mutant that can only be killed, if you cut its limbs. The only thing you have to go by, is the questionable advice of Daina. And so the horror of Dead Space begins again. 

The gameplay provides a wide selection of ways to kill your enemies. First of, you have weapons, of course. They usually cut your target in some way and remember you are aiming for the limbs. Also you have the kinesis module, that is used to throw sharp objects and impale Necromorphs on walls. And finally you have melee attacks and the stasis module, which is used to slow down enemies.  

One interesting thing about the game, is that it doesn't have a clearly defined interface. All of the UI functions are holograms, made by your suit. This gives the game an interesting style and also better immersion.
The biggest improvement is the PC port. I never sensed any mouse exercises, or lag, or any of    the porting problems, that where in the first one.

To top it all of Dead Space 2 is a very atmospheric horror game, that doesn't inspire fear, like Amnesia, but in still managed  to get a few scares out of me. 

I hope you liked my review of Dead Space 2.
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  Have a nice day.

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