Trine 2 Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Trine 2 is a colorful, puzzle platformer, with various obstacles, that you have to overcome.
The story starts with the mysterious Trine - a magical artifact, that has the power to bind the souls, and destinies, of people to. The Trine seeks out the heroes from the first game - Amadeus , Pontius and Zoya. After the artifact "recruits" them - the adventure begins.

The Trine basically provides character switching, between the three heroes. As you probably guessed each hero is good and some task and bad at others. 
Zoya is a fast thief, she can jump the highest, out of the three characters. She also has a grappling hook and uses a bow for a weapon. Amadeus is a not so powerful Wizard. He can case boxes, planks and he can levitate things. And finally we have the brave knight Pontius. He uses melee weapons and is best at killing enemies and smashing walls down. 

To solve the physics puzzles, in single player, you have to use the best characters for the task, or combination of all three. There are no restrictions on how to solve the puzzles, as long as you can do it. 
In the three player multiplayer its a bit different, because each player controls one of the heroes and you must find a way, to get all of the characters to the end of the level.

One of the most impressive things about the game is the lighting engine. Doesn't matter, if the light is coming from the sun, the moon, or a torch, it looks beautiful. And that is the theme that is maintained threw the entire game - just beautiful. 
The only problem i found, is that sometimes you don't know what you have to do to solve a puzzle. But these cases are rear and you find the answer, after some trial and error.

To top it all of, Trine 2 is a beautiful game, with good puzzles, nice story and solid gameplay. 

I hope you liked my review of Trine 2.
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  Have a nice day.
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