Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a first person, RPG set in 2027.
In the near future a very controversial peace of technology was created - augmentations. This technology can be used to enhance any human to become faster, stronger and smarter.
You play as Adam Jensen, the security director in Sarif Industries - the leading manufacturer of augments. After a terrorist attack on the company, Jensen is critically injured and if forced to get augmented. 
After a short recovery period, you go after the people responsible for the attack. 

The game gives you a lot of ways to complete your objective. The levels are nonlinear, with a lot of alternative paths and hidden treasures. But the biggest choice, by far, is the way you approach the objective. Do you play as mass murderer, or someone that never kills? Do you sneak threw the air ducts, or smash the front door with a machine gun in hand, screaming "Hasta la vista, baby "? These are  just some of the questions you will have to answer, when you play the game. 

The DLC "The Missing Link" is the only major problem i have with Deus Ex. Its a fairly good DLC with about four hours of gameplay, but in raises more questions, than it answers
Some minor problems include graphic bugs and very rarely - crashes. The PC version is solid, but i believe that the Xbox one very slow, if played from the disk. So its better to install in on the HDD, if you are using a console.

To top it all of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a filled with intrigue, betrayal, mystery and a lot of choices.

I hope you liked my review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
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  Have a nice day.

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