Space Pirates And Zombies Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Space Pirates And Zombies, or S.P.A.Z., is a top down, space-combat, real-time strategy  game, where you kill space pirates... and zombies.  
The story starts in a randomly generated universe. In it you can find well known stereotypes of criminals and "police" force. Your mission is to get to the center of the universe. Half way thew the game zombies appear, for no apparent reason.
The story has several unexpected twists, which make it kind of enjoyable. Unfortunately it's mostly written, but the few voice acted bits are voiced by TotalBiscuit, and that is always good.

You start the game with one very small ship, but as you gather resources, you can build bigger and better once. When you create a ship you can fully customize the hull, weapons, armor type and much more. As you go further in you can have more ships in your squad, and this is where the RTS elements come in play. Then you can go to the tactical screen and order your ships around and when you go back to the game screen you can manually control one of them.

There are several problems with the game, as always. First, if you start on a small universe, there are some very large level skips. So you have to grind in the old zones, in order to go to new once. Second  the map universe map screen needs to have more options, like the ability to pin, or remember a system of interest, like giving you the map layout, or quest in that system. Fortunately the problems are few and far between.

To top it all of, Space Pirates And Zombies is a really good space-combat, RTS, that provides a lot of customization and a lot of replay value.

I hope you liked my review of Space Pirates And Zombies.
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  Have a nice day.
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