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Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Waves is a abstract, twin-stick shooter, made by Squid In a Box, which one the best names for a game developer.
In Waves you are a ball, that looks like something straight out out of Tron. The goal is to stay alive, by killing enemy  balls, cubes and other colorful shapes, much like Geometry Wars. 

As the ball, you have two special abilities, which compensate for the lack of Power-ups.The first one is bullet time, you can use it after killing some enemies, more enemies - bigger duration. The second is a bomb, which kills all enemies is a big radius, you get that by getting a x10 combo. 

There are six modes, which are all played in the same circle arena. Four of them are really generic and expected, like "survival", so i am going to focus of the more original once. 
One of the better "Chase". In this mode you have three lives and a five second life. In order to get more time, you have to get to the red hexagons, that appear on the ground. You can also, be killed by enemies, of course.

And my favorite mod, is Bombing Run. In this mode you have three lives, but you cant use your weapon. In order to kill the enemies, you have to take a bomb from red hexagons and then you have ten seconds, to get it to a green hexagon, then every enemy - dies. If you are to slow and miss the ten seks - you die. 

One of the interesting things is how you get your global points multiplier. At random a glue hexagon will appear, if you get it - you increase the multiplier, by one. 
But the game gets a bit repetative and borring after about half an hour, so its a good choice, if you have some time to kill. Another problem, of you can call it that, is that the game is too colorful, so sometimes you can get headache.

To top it all of Waves is a fun and colorful twin-stick shooter, made my a developer with the best name ever.

I hope you liked my review of 
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