Super Crate Box Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Super Crate Box is a simple, free, retro platformer.
The goal is the game, is to get as many crates as possible, while dogging and killing enemies. Every time you get a crate - your weapon changes. Every weapon is used in a different way, so you must adapt fast to the new situation, or you will die. 

In the meantime, enemies are falling threw a hole in the sealing and are trying to get to the fire, at the bottom. If they reach it, they change color from green to red, they fall threw the hale once again, but this time they are much faster and harder to kill. So its best to kill them while they are slow and weak. Unfortunately that is not always possible, if you had a bad gun at the time. 

The retro 8-bit feel is captured really well, both threw the pixelated graphics style and the really good chiptunes. Also the game is unforgivingly hard, if you touch anenemy - you die, if you fall in the fire - you die. 
But there is a modern twist to the game - a progression system. You can unlock new levels, weapons and skins, by collecting more crates. That way Super Crate Box always feels fresh and never gets boring. 

To top it all of Super Crate Box is a fun and addicting, retro platformer, with a very interesting concept. 
And the best part is that its free, so you can get it from .

I hope you liked my review of 
Super Crate Box.
 If you did, please, comment and share with your friends.
Have a nice day.
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