Kung Fu Strike - The Warrior's Rise Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

Kung Fu Strike - The Warrior's Rise is a spectacle fighter, focused on high skill level and good reaction times.
In this  terrible story, you play General Loh, a kung fu master who seeks revenge for his father's death. But the problem is that the story is very badly written and very boring. Fortunately the developers knew that, so they included a "disable cutscenes" option, so you never have to care about the "story" ever again. 

But what you should care about, is the completely over the top fighting system. On the outside, its pretty simple. Easy to link combos and weak enemies at the start, give you a false sense of security. But when you get further, the real enemies start coming at you and the game really begins. 
If you want to survive then, you have to deflect and evade most of the attacks that are coming your way. This takes good really good reaction times, especially on high difficulty levels. 

Another skill demanding mechanic is braking an enemy block. It's an easy idea, your opponent will have a combination pop-up above his head and you have to execute it correctly, in order to brake the block. The combinations are simple, "like hold this, then tap that", but if you miss it, or mess it, the enemies will hit you with the force of a speeding truck. 

To top it all of, Kung Fu Strike - The Warrior's Rise is a very hard, but fair spectacle fighter, with a very rewarding combat system. Unfortunately has crappiest story of any game i played this year. 

I hope you liked my review of Kung Fu Strike - The Warrior's Rise.
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My name is Nik and i hope you are having a nice day.

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