Mouse and Keyboard Review

Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing my mouse and keyboard.

The Trust Red Bull Racing Full-Size Mouse. 

Apart from the silly name, the mouse is great. Its very ergonomic, so it will never strain your hand. The two side buttons are very light, easy to press and are supported by most games.

The scroll wheel is bigger the usual and its impossible to slip, because of the rubber lining. Also the 1800 dpi rating is good enough for anything you decide to do.

Now the bad sides. The drivers are absolutely useless, so i don't even install them. They change the side buttons from Mouse 4 and Mouse 5, to the left and right arrow keys. And some games, like WOW, don't support the arrow keys for anything other then moving. 

Also after about 2 years, the glue on the left rubber lining, stated to give away and i will have to re-glue it. Maybe its from the heat, i am not really sure. 

To top it all of, this mouse is all it needs to be robust, reliable and comfortable.

A4 X7 G800

This sturdy, waterproof beast is probably the best thing in its price range.

This keyboard has 15 additional keys, but some of them are useless, like G13-G15. They are above "home" and "insert"  keys, so you will never use them. But you will use the once below and around the space bar, because they are in the perfect place.

Another good feature is the rubber on  WASD and the arrow keys. This makes them less slippery then a normal key. And if you dont like them, they keyboard also comes with plastic once, so you can replace them.

They keyboard has one problem, from what i saw for the two years i have it. 

In the top left there are two keys,S and D, that adjust the speed and function of they keyboard. But every time you turn your PC off, the G800 forgets its settings. So every time i turn my PC on, i have to re adjust it. Its not difficult, but its can get very annoying.

Some may say that the smaller space bar is a problem, but i don't think so. Why it may be kind of uncomfortable at first, you will quickly get used to it and it will not bother you.

To top it all of, the A4 X7 G800 is an amazing keyboard, with an amazing price. So i highly recommend it to anyone who wants cheaper PC gaming.  

I hope you liked my reviews of the A4 X7 G800 and the Trust Red Bull Racing Full-Size Mouse.
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My name is Nik and i hope you are having a nice day.
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