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Hi, my name is Nik and today i am reviewing:

They Bleed Pixels is an extremely difficult platformer, somewhere along the lines of Super Meat Boy. The twist is that it has combat and an 8-bit graphic style.

The story of They Bleed Pixels is based on Lovecraftian mythos, so expect some weird stuff. The basics come down to, you are a girl that accidently  gets involved in to some demonic ritual, that gives you nightmares. In them you are this purple thing, with spikes for hands, and thirst for blood.

But really now, who plays a game like that for the story? Well no one, you play them to test your platfroming skills to the limit, and to feel important when you complete a level. And of course, to rage as much possible, in the meantime.

If you are looking for that, this game will deliver. The platforming is very similar to Super Meat Boy, in the sense that you can stick to walls and jump from them, its also just as unforgiving. But Its a bit slower, because of the combat.  

The combat is very violent and over the top, i would describe it as a 2D spectacle fighter. Its all done with one button, and therefore your moves are determined, by your direction and by the button press (hold, or tap). 

The fighting gets really diverse, when you start using the environment  in your combos. You can kick enemies up in to saws, or impale them on spikes. The game really encourage you, to chain big combos together, because of the checkpoint system.

When you kill  enemies, the bar to the top fills up. If you killed them with a  big combo, the bar charges quicker. When its full, you can cast a checkpoint. So if you play better - you can use more checkpoints.

The 8-bit style, suits this game very will, because of the weird nonsense in the story. But if you don't like the 8-bit style, you will hate this game.

I found several annoying things in the game. First - no graphic options just windowed mode. It doesn't even have resolution options.

Second - when you are on 1 health (out of 3), the colors change a bit and the music gets kind of echoey. This can get very irritating, if you can't heal for a long time. 

And third - the ice blocks make you slide, but they make you slide too much ,and you lose all precise control.

To top it all of, you will like They Bleed Pixels, if you like games like Super Meat Boy, or I Wanna Be The Guy, If you don't, this game is not for you.

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