Battle vs Chess Review

Battle vs Chess takes all of the classic chess game and puts a twist on them. As strange as it may seam, this is a chess game with a story - the battle between heaven and hell. 

And because of that, everything is very stylized. All of the chess peaces look divine, or infernal, depending on your fraction. 

Same goes for the backgrounds. The heaven once are very beautiful with trees, rivers and magnificent buildings. And the hell once have lave, spices and ruins.

Of course, if you don't like that style, you can use normal chess peaces and board.

Battle vs Chess is also has a lot of content. If you are new to the game, there is a fully voice-acted tutorial, that explains the rules of chess fairly good. There are also challenges, that can help you become an even better player.

The game also has two campaigns, one for heaven, and one for hell. Bout of them are eventually more challenges, with some story.
And of course, there is a skirmish mod, that is just a normal, straight up chess game. 

This game also has several multiplayer options - online, LAN and local (on the same PC). I just have to warn you that Battle vs Chess is a Games For Windows Live game, so the online play is threw GFWL.

Another problem with the port, is the fact that you can't rebind keys. I know that not a big deal, because the keyboard is for camera control, and you can do that with the mouse. But still it would be nice to see that.

To top it all off, Battle vs Chess is a very stylized chess game, with a lot of content. If you like chess, you will love this game.

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